SUPER TOMAGO #7: Every first draft is bad.

SUPER TOMAGO #7: Every first draft is bad.
The Lancer in it's original form.

Hey everyone!

This week I made some pretty significant progress on the opening story arc for Lancer (which is still a working name). I THINK it might be pretty close to its final form, although truth be told, I always think that's the case only to discover some major issues later on. But I'm feeling pretty good about the current iteration!

I'm technically on the fourth or fifth iteration of the outline and I thought it would be interesting to show you the various changes that occurred during the writing process.

There’s going to be a hella lotta text so this will be spread among multiple posts so you don’t have to read a giant essay every time. To avoid spoilers, I'm just going to focus on the prologue and feel free to skip to the end for my analysis because this first draft isn’t the greatest.

A little doodle of Robbie Kade. A smaller doodle of Rudy Way below him.