About Tomago Press

Hi!  Thanks for visiting TOMAGO PRESS, my personal "development blog"  and archive for the various comic projects I've worked on (or am currently working on).

If you're a fan of my work (or of comics and storytelling in general), I hope you'll find this site to be an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how stories are dreamed up and specifically how those ideas get turned into comic form.  

The internet has a lot of "how-to" articles on the craft of comics and while those are cool, what I'm hoping to do here is give more of a "boots-on-the-ground" approach to the whole affair.  There will be dead ends, failures, and false starts but sometimes there will also be breakthroughs and successes.  

Both are essential to the creative process.

Any creative endeavour can be a messy affair, but in that glorious chaos there can be real insights into the human condition.  Why do we tell the stories we want to tell and how do we best tell that story?  

Let's find out together!


My name is Tri Vuong, a comic book author based in Toronto, Ontario. Sometimes I write stories that other artists draw and sometimes I draw stories that other writers write but usually I do both.

My notable works include: "Everyday Hero Machine Boy", "Ninjago: Garmadon", "Anchovie Akiyama", and "The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn" (now archived on this site!).

More importantly, I have two dogs: Digby, a giant-sized Corgi, and Leo, a Golden Retriever who thinks he is a giant-sized Corgi.